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Listed below are the links to information needed for handcrafting soaps, lotions, creams and other hand made sundries.

Below we have the TLC Soaps and Sundries Lye Calculator that Eddie created for use in making hard bar and liquid soaps from scratch.

Soapmaking Book :

TLC Soaps & Sundries Lye Calculator :

Detailed information for making you own Natural Soaps from scratch with over 35 formulas, Tips and Helpers, etc.

We are happy to present the TLC Soaps and Sundries lye calculator to you, for a fast and easy way to calculate the lye and water needed for the soapmaking process.

Soapmaking Supplies :

Sap Value and Oil Properties Chart :

TLC Soap/Cutter Molds™,
TLC Soap Jeweler, bottles, jars, raw material, etc.

You will find the Saponification Values and Properties of Oils to make bar soaps, along with an explanation on how to figure your Lye and Liquid needed for each recipe manually. And also what "Super fatting" is.

Pre-Buy Page :

Instructions and Equipment :

All TLC Pre-Buys and info are listed on the Pre-Buy Page.

Equipment suggestions and Instructions for helping you with you soapmaking.

Oils used :

Shelf Life of Oils :

Listed here you will find some of the oils that are used in soapmaking, creams, lotions, ointment, etc. and some of the properties they have.

Listed are some of the oils that are used in soapmaking, creams, lotions, ointment, etc. and the shelf life they have.

Making Infused Oils & Teas :

Herbs used :

Learn how to make infused oils and teas for making your herbal soaps and healing ointments.

Listed are some of the herbs that are used in soapmaking, creams, lotions, ointment, etc. and some of the properties they have.

Soapmaking Formulas :

Several methods of Handmilling :

Listed here you will find many small to large formulas for making soaps, lotions, creams, laundry soaps and Natural Household cleaning. Other formulas will be added from time to time, so bookmark this page and check back.

Learn how to process a natural soap base with one these procedures.

Questions and Answers :

Hints for additions to Soaps :

Answers to some questions you might have.

Helpful Hints of things that you might use to make your soap.

Legal Links :

Links for FDA sites to help with labeling and rules for soaps and cosmetics. As well as links for sites to help with Trademark and Copyright questions.

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